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Bed bugs and bed bug eggs are killed once air temperatures reach the “kill zone” of 125°F (52°C). Using the Heat Treatment produces temperatures of 145°F or higher using forced convection technology. This means that “kill zone” heat is produced quickly and uniformly pumped through the treatment area ensuring the death of ALL bed bugs and bed bug eggs in a matter of seconds. ​The Heat Treatment’s peak temperature ensures that the hard to reach areas such as wall voids and areas insulated by clothing or carpeting are able to be treated effectively.

Using Heat Treatment quickly creates these jaw-dropping temperatures by using two powerful continuous loop systems that run on either bio-diesel or diesel fuel.


The first loop takes place inside the heat treatment unit itself. First, the 100% environmentally-friendly heat transfer fluid (HTF) is drawn from the unit’s reservoir and pumped through dual coil heaters (rugged coil piping heated by oil fired burners) to a temperature of 205°F (96°C).

Once the HTF is heated, it is returned to the 130 gallon (492 liter) reservoir where it is held prior to phase two of the process. This first loop results in a 600,000 BTU/Hr. generation of heat, making Heat Treatment the most powerful bed bug heating equipment on the market.


The second loop draws the HTF from the Heat Treatment unit and uses industrial grade hoses to carry the solution to remote heat exchanges (radiators with fans) which blast heat to areas that require bed bug eradication. The HTF is then pumped back from the remote heat exchanges to the unit’s reservoir for reheating, leaving only the blistering heat to destroy bed bugs and bed bug eggs in the targeted areas.


A wireless temperature sensing and data logging system allows the operator to remotely track the temperatures of different locations in the target area. This ensures that every area of the residence reaches kill zone temperatures. You can even provide your client with documentation that proves a successful treatment.


One of the best known treatments for Bed Bugs is the use of heat. This is because the heat treatment method is both simple and effective.

Heat treatment for bed bugs works by bringing the temperature of your entire house up high enough that no bed bugs or their eggs can survive. It is extremely effective because the heat penetrates every inch of your house. Killing even the beg bugs and eggs you cannot see. You do not have to worry about finding them and which spots to treat because your entire house is being treated at one time. The bugs are incapable of escaping the all-over heat.

This treatment is best left to a professional because a special heater needs to be used and they will know how and where to put the heater so that is both safe and most efficient. There are two primary techniques used by professionals when treating bed bugs with heat. The first, is heating the house up to 140­ºF and keeping it at this temperature for two hours. The second, is bringing the temperature of the house up to 130ºF for three hours. In both cases it is important for your home to be monitored by the professional to ensure all of the bugs have been killed.


You and your pets must remain out of the home during the heat treating. This is to ensure your safety and to prevent any bugs from escaping on you. Be sure to schedule your heat treatment for a time in which it is convenient for everyone to leave the home.

You must make sure your house is prepared for the heat treatment by making sure it is air tight. This is done by caulking any cracks in the walls and any gaps around windows and doors. Before leaving for the treatment be sure to double check that all windows and doors are closed tightly.

Unplug all electronics from outlets.

Clear a path for the professionals and their equipment.

If your clothing is very tightly packed in your drawers or closets, move them to laundry  baskets within the room so they are more lightly packed.

Place all foods susceptible to heat and all medications in the refrigerator.

Collect all items which are flammable or could be damaged by heat and notify the professionals before they begin the the treatment. Refer to the list below for items you may need to remove.


    • All Pets (including rodents, fish, reptiles, birds, ect.)
    • House plants
    • Seeds and Bulbs
    • Anything Flammable
    • Candles
    • Wax Figurines
    • Oil Paintings
    • CDs
    • Musical Instruments
    • Carbonated Beverages
    • Aerosol Cans
    • Pressurized Cans
    • Compressed Gases
    • Flammable or Combustible Chemicals


Besides its effectiveness, the number one advantage to the heat treat method is how quickly it works. Some methods require you to leave your home for several days. With the heat treat method you will only need to leave your home for the 2-3 hours heating time, time required to get the house up to heat, and the additional time required for the professional to setup equipment.

Another advantage to the heat treatment method is that it is usually successful after only one treatment and there is little preparation required from the homeowner.

The ONLY inconvenience is that the homeowner will have to leave the home for a few hours and there is a small amount of preparation required on the homeowner’s part.


Most professionals will charge a flat rate to heat treat your home for bed bugs, however, some charge you an hourly rate. The cost of heat treatment varies. Some factors that influence the cost are the size of your home, the number of buildings to be treated, taxes, and possible travel fees.

The best way to get an accurate estimate for your situation is by requesting a FREE PHONE ESTIMATE.


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