Bed Bug Prevention

Preventing bed bugs is much easier that eliminating and treating an existing infestation. The most effective method of preventing bed bugs in an environment is to be cautious about not bringing them into the environment.

  • Be cautious of surroundings any time you are out in public
  • Vacuum bags and suitcase after returning from a trip
  • Thoroughly wash and dry both worn and unworn clothing after returning from a trip
  • Consider containing luggage within a large trash bag while staying in hotels
  • Pack a flashlight for use in visual inspections
  • Carefully inspect second hand mattresses, box springs, and furniture before bringing it into your home
  • Regularly check bedroom furniture and mattresses for evidence of bed bugs
  • Regularly check areas where your pets sleeps for evidence of beg bugs
  • Always seek pest control experts when you first suspect you have bed bugs or when dealing with and infestation