Heat Treatment

One of the best known treatments for Bed Bugs is the use of heat. This is because the heat treatment method is both simple and effective.

Heat treatment for bed bugs works by bringing the temperature of your entire house up high enough that no bed bugs or their eggs can survive. It is extremely effective because the heat penetrates every inch of your house. Killing even the beg bugs and eggs you cannot see. You do not have to worry about finding them and which spots to treat because your entire house is being treated at one time. The bugs are incapable of escaping the all-over heat.

This treatment is best left to a professional because a special heater needs to be used and they will know how and where to put the heater so that is both safe and most efficient. There are two primary techniques used by professionals when treating bed bugs with heat. The first, is heating the house up to 140­ºF and keeping it at this temperature for two hours. The second, is bringing the temperature of the house up to 130ºF for three hours. In both cases it is important for your home to be monitored by the professional to ensure all of the bugs have been killed.