About Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs can be found in any of the 50 states any place people come and go. They are most commonly found in residences, hotels, schools, offices, nursing homes, dorms, daycare centers vehicles, retail stores and public transportation. They are also more likely to be found in urban areas due to a higher human population and increased apartment living. Bed bugs are not associated with dirty areas and can be easily found in sanitary and unsanitary conditions.

Bed Bug Habits

Bed bugs are good hiders causing them to easily be spread. This is because they are easily picked up in suitcases, brief cases, boxes, clothing and shoes which they are then carried in and move from place to place. Once inside a place, these tiny and nocturnal insects are very illusive and hard to detect. They are capable of hinging in even the smallest place in a home or building. They then come out at night to feed while their hosts sleep and then return to hiding before they awake. Bed Bugs can feed on any warm-blooded animals but primarily feed on humans.

Bed Bug Habitat

Because they prefer to feed on humans, they primarily live in spaces occupied by humans. They are not a seasonal pest and can be found year-round. The most common spaces bed bugs can be found are apartments, single-family homes, and hotels/motels. They can call even the smallest of cracks or crevices in a human dwelling home. This includes mattresses and bedding, window treatments, behind baseboards and outlet covers, inside drawers and furniture and any other small places with in a human dwelling.